We Love Good Food – No nonsense, no fuss – just good food!

Located in International City – Dubai, Café Aisha is an original family owned and operated café and restaurant, specializing in chai, snacks, specialty meals and more.

All recipes are home made giving you great-tasting foods at the lowest prices!

Try our sumptuous Chatpati Dum Biryani, one of the very few places serving properly cooked (Dum) Beef Biryani or Chicken Biryani. Our delicious Paratha Rolls are a hearty snack and English breakfast or Special Omelette, which is served all day. Or drop in anytime for a Cuppa Doodh Patti Chai & Shami Kabab.

Browse through our ever-evolving menu and let us know your thoughts, if there is anything you would like to see or eat. At Café Aisha, we craft each recipe using the finest ingredients so that all the menu items taste like the home-cooked meals.

Catering & Delivery

Café Aisha delivers first class Pakistani dishes, blending delicious food and exceptional service. We offer both corporate and private catering or any occasions with lots of guests who want good food!

We do deliver food to your home and office around International City and expanding around Dubai. Find out more

What Our Guests Say…

"This little café tucked away … is a great snacking venue for the unpretentious diner out for a quick bite."
"This taste is something you should try for yourself"

"This is my all time favorite place in International City!"
Ame Khan – Taste of Middle East
"Overall a great Pakistani restaurant in Dubai for honest to God good food, atmosphere and price!"

Our Menu

All day Breakfast

  1. english.breakfast

    English Breakfast

    $ 22.00

    2 eggs (fried/omelette), 2 sausages, baked beans, 2 toast & butter.
    (served all day)

  2. chicken.omelette

    Chicken Omelette

    $ 18.00

    4 eggs omelette with chicken, sausage, vages and Cheese, Served with toast. 2 Puri, Aloo Tarkari & Halwa. (served all day)

  3. halwa.puri

    Halwa Puri Tarkari

    $ 8.00

    (weekends & holiday special)
    2 Puri, Aloo Tarkari & Halwa. (served till 11pm)

  4. halwa.puri
  5. desi

    Desi Breakfast

    $ 18.00

    2 Lacha Parathas, 2 Eggs (fried/omlette), Keema & Channa.
    (served all day)

Starters & Snacks

  1. chicken.boti_.roll_

    Chicken Boti Roll

    $ 13.00

    Chicken with spices, yoghurt sauce & veges Low fat w/ chicken breast

  2. kabab

    Shami Kabab

    $ 12.00

    2 Kababs made with ground beef, pulses & spices.

  3. club.sandwich

    Club Sandwich

    $ 20.00

    3 layers of toasted bread filled with egg, chicken veges & cheese. Served with fries.

  4. channa.chaat
  5. fries
  6. masala.fries
  7. small

    Aloo Cutlets

    $ 10.00

    4 potato cutlets with spices & fried with an egg coat


  1. beef.biryani2

    Beef Dum Biryani

    $ 20.00

    Our very spicy biryani, Cooked with succulent beef & served with a special ‘Biryani gravy’, raita and salad. Read More

  2. chicken.biryani

    Chicken Dum Biryani

    $ 18.00

    Our special spicy biryani cooked with chicken, potato & spices. Read More

  3. chole.biryani

    Chole Dum Biryani

    $ 17.00

    Vegetarian version of our spicy Biryani with chickpeas, potato & spices.


  1. chicken.achari

    Chicken Achari

    $ 17.00

    Chicken in light tangy sauce.

  2. keema.simla_

    Keema Simla Mirch or Keema Aloo

    $ 17.00

    Minced beef cooked with either capsicum or potato & spices

  3. aloo.gosht

    Aloo Gosht

    $ 19.00

    Comforting and delicious; beef and potato in a mild gravy.

  4. fried-rice_-menu_

    Chicken Fried Rice

    $ 20.00

    Karachi style fried rice with fresh veges, chicken, egg & sauces.

  5. chicken.chilli

    Chicken Chilli

    $ 20.00

    Finger chicken, stir fried with sauces & fresh veges.

  6. daal

    Daal Tarka

    $ 12.00

    Traditional comfort food, made with yellow lentils.


We Love Good Food
No nonsense, no fuss – just good food!